Monday, June 3, 2013

fishtail braid

since last month i was browsing about fishtail braid, and now finally i can post how-to-make-a-fishtail-braid so here is the step with pict :

and look i can do it too hihi

but if you still confuse i can explain the step :

1. Comb your hair to the side or rear, adjust to your own liking. If I can not make on the back side just happens combed.
2. Tie your hair into one with a hair band. Its location will be the beginning of the braid so you would rather upwards.
3. Halve the middle of the bottom of the hair that you have before fastening into two parts.
4. You will start braiding from the center toward the outer part of the right hemisphere was.
5. When the right side of the outer hair has been up on the inside of the united left.
6. Take the outside left and braid towards the middle. After reaching the middle united with hair on the right.
7. Done to reach the bottom of your hair braids or as you wish.
8. Tie your hair with a hair band at the end.
9. Slowly scissors hair band that was in the beginning braid.
10. Braid trim and flatten you.
11. Voilaaa, be fishtail braid.

Note: you should do exercises several times that amount equally braids

Thanks for reading, see u in next tips

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